Multimeter and what types of multimeter you should know

A multimeter is an indispensable tool for electricians because it enables the electrician to control every possible electrical situation.

Also if you are not an electrician, but if you have a multimeter at home then it is really useful for checking sockets, switches, or other electrical equipment in trouble.

I would like to share with you about the multimeter, its functions, and the types available on the market today.

What is a multimeter?

It is an electrical testing tool with many different functions such as resistance, volts, amps.

Just as it performs various tasks to test, assemble, repair electrical equipment, electronic at the home, factory, Measuring device.


Applicable temperature and environment

  • Low-cost weather station
  • DMM internal temperature

Voltage measurement

  • Measure high and low DC values
  • Average Measurement from Peak to Peak and DC

Current measurements

  • Measure DC
  • True RMS AC

Measurement of resistor

  • Small ohm meter
  • Measure resistor with constant voltage
  • Measure resistor with constant current

Time and frequency measurement

  • Fast frequency
  • Measure time

Types of multimeters you need to know.

Analog multimeter

Analog multimeter or call VOM (Volt-Ohm-Milammeter). The measured values ​​are determined by the deviation of the indicator on the scale from the point ‘0’. This indicator is connected to an iron core. This iron core moves through permanent magnets. When the iron is moving at the same time the pointer moves. Before taking the measurement, you must correct the ‘0’ point. VOM is for simple measurements, with a large range of errors, so its cost is relatively comfortable.

Digital multimeter

Digital multimeter or (DMM). Its measurements are displayed on the LCD screen, the measurements are done through 2 probes, one black is always connected to COM port, red is connected port symbol (VΩmA) if it is It is used to measure voltage V, resistance Ω, small current mA or connected to the symbol port (A) if we want to measure large value A current (note the measuring current does not exceed the allowed value stated above digital multimeter)

Digital multimeter has high accuracy and is very safe, easy to use, multi-function. So nowadays most of them use a digital multimeter, but its cost is also higher than an analog multimeter. You should choose one that is suitable for your purpose.

Digital multimeter has two more types: clamp digital multimeter and auto-ranging multimeter.

Clamp digital multimeter

To measure the current on the device, you just need to turn the knob to the ‘A ‘position to switch to current measurement then hook the clamp meter to the wire to read the value. Very large currents can be measured depending on the permissible range of the meter. In addition, it can measure power, measure volts.

Note when using you must install in accordance with the scale.

Autoranging multimeter

An auto-ranging multimeter is a multimeter in which you can easily measure voltage and resistance without knowing its range in advance.

For example, if you want to measure the AC voltage, you just need to turn on the AC voltage scale without considering it in the range of 10v, 100v, 400v.


Above I have introduced you to know the types of the multimeter. If you are willing to buy you one then consider what your intended use is and what kind of watch it is suitable for on the market.

Wish you choose the right multimeter for you.

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