What is longboarding? What is carving on a longboard?

Meta: Not as popular as other sports, longboard is quite unfamiliar to everyone. Would you like to learn more about longboard and carving on a longboard?

Longboard is a sport that dates back to the 1950s but only became popular in the 1990s. Longboard was originally known as “side walk surfing”. It is developed by surfers. The surfers got the idea because they wanted to experience the feeling of surfing on hard surfaces, in other words, it was implemented as an alternative to surfing. So, what is carving on a longboard? This article will help you discover it.

What is longboarding?

Longboarding is a type of skateboarding by a long board. Longboard is large in size, can be up to 1.5m long, the cake is bigger than the Skate Board, used by people in the profession to downhill and go long distances. Not only that, Longboard is also seen as a trend to perform rather than go far. These days, longboarding is becoming more and more popular than Skateboard and Cruiser Board.

What is carving on a longboard?

Carving on a longboard is an essential technique of longboarding. It makes this sport unique and more enjoyable. This is a technique that involves controlling speed in a curve or an S shape instead of a straight line. Carving is a surf-like riding style that involves chaining quick successive turns back and forth in an S-like shape trajectory, in order to build and maintain momentum and speed. Carving is also the foundation of other more advanced techniques that enable you to create greater momentum and speed. Carving on a longboard is smooth and rhythmic longboarding. The foot does not touch the ground to push and maintains rhythm and speed in a curve.


How to Carve on a Longboard?

If you are a beginner to longboard then do not learn carving on a longboard immediately. Because this technique requires skill and agility. You just need to learn to keep balance on a longboard and control it to move in a straight line to master. For beginners, however, the most important thing is to choose a longboard that’s right for you to learn carving strategies. To start learning to carving on a longboard, you need to have protective equipment for your hands, head and knees. Do not choose the path that is too steep, but choose a wide, flat and few people to practice. Now you can focus on practicing it. First, use the hind leg to push the longboard to move it. When you want to speed up, try to bend your knees. Then do a curve by shifting your entire body weight back to control the speed. Remember that before speeding up, bend your knees slightly and push your toes down and lift your heels. Try not to lift your heels off the board, but let the long plank lean under your feet. Finally, continue to repeat the above steps to coordinate the rhythm, you will create amazing curves. During the exercise, you will not avoid injuries and falls. However, don’t be discouraged as this technique requires patience. Do not be too impatient, but practice continuously leads to exhaustion. This will only damage your health and you cannot learn to carving on a longboard. After regular practice you get used to carving on a longboard on a flat surface, practice it on a slope to improve this skill. If you persevere, soon you will become a professional longboard engraver.

view this video to know how to carve on a longboard

As such, carving on a longboard is an essential longboarding technique. It requires a lot of skill and patience to execute. Hopefully this article has provided you with some useful information, helping you to know about carving on a board as well as this interesting sport.

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