Yellow light night light is most suitable for a good night's sleep


What color should the night light be? The question no one seems to ask because everyone assumes it will be the familiar warm yellow light. But no, choosing what color night light you have has many effects on nerves, physiology, and even feng shui. It’s interesting, isn’t it?


According to the theory of biology, you should turn off the lights and lights when you go to sleep.

For some people, especially children and the elderly, turning off all lights is not necessarily a good thing. Example:

  • Lack of light can make children afraid, difficult to fall asleep, sometimes when the baby suddenly wakes up and finds it dark, he may cry and have difficulty falling back to sleep.
  • For the elderly with poor eyesight, it may be difficult to move and walk.
  • There are many people who need a little light to fall asleep more easily.


Recently, a study was conducted on the influence of color in the room on your sleep with the participation of 2000 people including both men and women.

What color night light should be reasonable?
What color night light should be reasonable?

Research shows that bedrooms with different colors affect your sleep differently. In which blue for the longest average sleep time per night is 7h52′ and purple for the lowest average sleep time of only 5h56′.

Based on the results of the above study, we can see that blue will help your sleep last the longest, but blue light is harmful to your eyes, so you should not use lamps with bright light. this when going to bed.

The best light for the human body is a yellow light. That’s why incandescent lamps with yellow light have existed for so long until the advent of LEDs, but only when LEDs come out with yellow light products will incandescent lamps be completely replaced.

Besides, as the study above, the yellow color of the bedroom helps your sleep time be longer, so the yellow LED light will be the right choice in the bedroom as well as a good night’s sleep.

Yellow light night light is most suitable for a good night's sleep
Yellow light night light is most suitable for a good night’s sleep

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1. For children

For children
For children

Children are quite sensitive subjects. You should note that your baby’s eyes always have an area called the “yellow spot” – that is, the sensitive spot. The light from the night light is too strong, causing the baby’s macula to be adversely affected, blue and white light can penetrate the lens and cause damage to the retina.

Night light with strong light will make it very difficult for the baby to fall asleep, or will not sleep deeply. When an infant sleeps, light can still penetrate the eyelids, greatly affecting the baby’s vision.

Many scientific studies show that the light of a night light will inhibit the secretion of melatonin (a hormone that helps children fall asleep). For a long time, it will negatively affect the health of the baby, making it difficult for the child to sleep. If you want your child not to be afraid to wake up at night by turning on a night light for your baby, you should choose a night light with a soft, dim orange color to ensure that your baby has good health even when sleeping.


2. For the elderly

As we age, sleep also changes. Older adults may feel drowsy earlier, wake up earlier, or be sleepless. Elderly people have reduced eyesight, so they need a sufficient source of natural light to avoid creating a feeling of darkness and mystery, which can easily create feelings of loneliness, depression and cause many adverse health problems.

At the same time, the night light also makes walking less difficult. Lights should be placed in the contiguous area between the bed, aisle, and toilet. If using artificial light such as LED lights, night lights, you should choose a type that emits soft light, bringing good sleep, body and spirit are fully rested.

Gentle night light helps elderly people to urinate at night without difficulty

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3. Choose a night light for husband and wife to sublimate “s.e.x”

According to a survey of study, outstanding colors such as purple, red, and blue make couples most excited for sex. Accordingly, couples often have sex on average about 3.5 times a week when their bedroom is painted purple. After purple is red, couples have sex about 3.2 times per week. The blue bedroom ranks third with a density of 3.1 times per week.

The researchers said that the bedroom color that makes couples least interested in sex is gray when they only have sex about 1.8 times a week. But in fact, color not only affects sex life, but mood, desire, work… are also affected.

Choose a night light for husband and wife to sublimate s.e.x
Choose a night light for husband and wife to sublimate s.e.x

Therefore, if you sometimes want a little fun for “s.e.x”, you can completely innovate with purple, red, or blue night lights!

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4. Choose a night light that is compatible with the five elements that are compatible with the owner

Although most night lights have yellow or pink tones, they are all good, but you can also choose the color according to your destiny for better feng shui. For example, if you have a Wood sign, then choose a light that leans towards blue, Earth is yellow, Water is black, and Fire is of course red, and Kim will be white.

In addition, homeowners can also use furniture with other five elements to increase prosperity for feng shui.


1. The most appropriate is to choose light colors such as light yellow, light orange that will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

2. Avoid the use of night lights with a white, blue, green, red light…

3. Use a lamp with a brightness level switch. You should not use night lights with only 1-2 brightness levels, that’s too little!

4. Night lights should use low-power lamps and bulbs.

5. Using lamps with lampshades, both increasing the aesthetics of the night lights, and reducing part of the light to avoid dazzling.

6. Use a night light with a solid base and body to ensure safety and aesthetics for the entire space.

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